Topics (but not limited to)

Track 1: Physics, Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
Solid State Physics
Materials Science
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
Materials Synthesis, Treatment and Characterizations
Functional and Special Materials
Functional and Protective Coatings and Films
Materials Physics and Computational Materials Science
Properties and Application of Materials
Applied Approaches of Physical Chemistry

Track 2: Materials for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Physical Chemistry, Research and Computational Modelling
Polymers and Composites
Biopolymers and Biocomposites
Agricultural Chemistry and Chemistry in Food Processing
Materials and Technologies for Chemical Production
Materials and Technologies for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Membranes and Membrane Technologies
Materials Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Coatings and Corrosion Protection
Functional Ceramics
Coatings and Surface Processing
Protective Coatings and Corrosion
Ecology Safety and Technologies of Environmental Engineering
Bioprocessing and Green Chemistry
Decarbonisation Technologies

Track 3: Biomass, Water Treatment, Plastic and Environmental Engineering
Biomass Production and Its Application in Environmental Engineering
Materials and Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment
Ecology and Plastic Technology
Materials for Environmental Protection

Track 4: Pharmacology, Food and Biotechnology
Biotechnology and Pharmacology
Materials for Biomedical and Pharmacology Applications
Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, Food and Biomass Processing
Biotechnologies and Pharmacology
Hydrogels and Phase Change Materials
Applied Biotechnologies

Track 5: Mechanical Engineering
Materials Processing
Materials Testing
Steel and Alloys
Metal Material Processes and Manufacturing
Materials Forming and Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Materials Properties and Processing Technologies in Mechanical Engineering Production
Structural Metals and Alloys, Processing Technologies
Technologies in Pyrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy
Modern Problems of Foundry Production
Metal Forming
Technologies of Welding Production
Additive Manufacturing
Non-Destructive Testing and Technological Measurements
Materials Modification and Processing Technologies
Materials and Technologies of 3D Printing

Track 6: Building Materials and Structural Materials
Building and Construction Materials
Cement Materials and Geopolymers
Pavement and Insulation Materials
Properties and Processing Technologies of Structural Metals

Track 7: Metallurgy Engineering
Iron & steel classes and standards
Iron & steel manufacturing methods and new approaches
Refractories in iron & steel industry
Fracture and fatigue behavior of iron & steel
Coating and corrosion
Coating and surface processing
Novel coating materials and Hard coatings
Structural metals and alloys
Metal Forming
Non-Destructive Testing and Technological Measurements
Pyrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy Processing and characterization
Modern Problems of Foundry Production
Nanostructured coatings

Track 8: Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing systems and simulation
Additive Manufacturing
Machine design
Machinery dynamics
Mechanical dynamics and vibration
Mechanical design
Casting technology and equipment
Welding technology and equipment
Plastic processing technology
Cellular manufacturing
Advanced manufacturing processes
Laser processing
Sensors for automation
Vibration engineering

Track 9: Electrical, Electronic, Optic and Magnetic Materials
Power Devices and Characterization, Modelling and Defect Engineering and Applications
Materials and Technologies in Microelectronics
Materials for Photovoltaics
Materials with Magnetic and Superconducting Properties
Magnetic Measurements Methods for Electrotechnical Materials
Materials for Electronics and Energy Storage
Materials for Biomedical Application
Materials for Biosensing
Energetic Materials

Track 10: Materials for other significant applications
Materials for Dentistry
Materials and Technologies for Preventing of Technogenic Emergencies
Materials and Technologies of Fire Protection
Materials for Tubular Goods and Casing Equipment
Natural Fibers for Biodegradable Materials
Wood Processing and Papermaking Technologies
Technical Fluids and Fluid Mechanics
Technologies in Fuel Production
Smart/Intelligent materials/Intelligent systems
Development of MAX phases and MXenes

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